With its brilliance, unrivalled beauty and distinctive design, Gems Pavilion jewellery represents "The Universal Language of Life's Celebrations". The beauty of Gems Pavilion’s jewels epitomizes the "Universal Language" that is recognized around the world and is distinguished for its outstanding quality and brilliance. We believe that women don't have to wait for special occasions - when they wear Gems Pavilion jewellery, every day becomes a celebration of life.

With an aim to make every woman gorgeous, Gems Pavilion creates exceptional pieces of jewellery that enhance the beholder's elegance and beauty without overpowering her image. As Thailand's preeminent jeweller, we strive to ensure that each piece perfectly complements the wearer’s own distinctive taste and style.

We combine exceptional materials; distinguished design and remarkable craftsmanship that skillfully express and enhance the outstanding features of each diamond or precious gemstone. Our main focus is creating the most exquisite fine jewellery, pushing quality boundaries and settling for nothing less than works of art. Gems Pavilion’s jewellery doesn't simply catch the eyes at first glance; it continues to hold a special place in the heart for generations to come



Established in 1996 on a foundation of exceptional materials, distinguished design and remarkable craftsmanship, Gems Pavilion is one of Thailand’s leading jewellers. Gems Pavilion has earned high praise from its distinguished clientele, both locally and internationally. Across Asia, to the Middle East and throughout Europe and North America, our jewellery has adorned some of today’s most glamorous figures and stylish luminaries.



Janitha Thiravorachai, Chairman, Gems Pavilion Group

Piya Ahchariyasripong, Chairman of Executive Committee, Gems Pavilion Group

Pranisa Achariyasripong, Managing Director, Gems Pavilion Creation Co., Ltd.

Worawut Ahchariyasripong, Managing Director, Gemoro Co., Ltd.

The Iconic of Pride

The Iconic of Pride

Elegance, intelligence, confidence, grace and beauty are all traits of Gems Pavilion women. The aim to enhance every woman’s beauty and allow her to rejoice each day is the fundamental inspiration behind Gems Pavilion’s exquisite fine jewellery. The splendidly articulated yet simple designs were created by Gems Pavilion’s expert artisans to brighten the brilliance of our finest diamonds. The jewellery itself also presents "The Iconic of Pride" according to its beauty, perfection, and heritage that can be passed down generations. Gems Pavilion’s fine jewellery makes every woman “The Iconic of Pride”, as it celebrates her pride and her beauty.



Gems Pavilion’s exquisite fine jewellery is radiant and characterized by flawless materials, outstanding designs, and magnificent artistry and craftsmanship. As one of the Thailand’s premier jewellery ateliers, we make no compromises in creating the most extraordinary creations that go above and beyond expectations.


“Stones of the highest quality represent the authentic definition of fine jewellery”


“Our jewellery pieces must be pristine and perfect. We never compromise; we settle for only the finest design.”


“To create exquisite fine jewellery, our artisans combine their masterful skills with their passion and immense creativity.”